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Elizabeth Arif-Fear (Writer and Campaigner)


Assalam aleykum! Shalom! Peace!
Welcome to Voice of Salam!

My name is Elizabeth and I’m a young British Muslim and human rights activist. I’ve been passionate about human rights and socio-political issues since discovering Amnesty International when I was at school. I also love discovering other languages and cultures and travelling.

I went on to study languages/translation and human rights at postgraduate level, including some study within Islamic Studies. I converted to Islam whilst in my final year at university.

My main interests include women’s rights, children’s rights, religious/cultural/linguistic rights, minority, refugee and migrant rights and issues surrounding post-colonialism, immigration, multiculturalism and both intercultural and interfaith work.

I hope you enjoy the blog and find it informative – comments, feedback and suggestions are very much welcome! You can comment here on the blog or get in touch via email or social media – see the contact page for more details. Happy viewing!