Campaigns and projects

Campaigns and projects


Here at Voice of Salam, we’re passionate about human rights, interfaith, social and cultural issues.

We believe that we all have the duty to stand up against justice and inequality and to work towards a fairer, more just society for everyone.

We also believe in the importance of building bridges across social, cultural, ethnic, national and religious divides.

As an organisation focused on human rights and interfaith issues, we work to advocate for the promotion, protection and understanding of a range of issues through quality research and campaigning.

This includes:

  • Running public awareness campaigns on a range of key issues
  • Documenting key experiences and stories
  • Building/joining crucial coalitions and partnerships
  • Lobbying MPs on critical human rights issues
  • Carrying out important grassroots, third sector and public sector research

Whilst highlighting a wide range of important issues, our key areas of work focus on:

  • Gender equality 
  • Jewish-Muslim relations
  • LGBTQI+ rights
  • Refugee rights
  • Interfaith and intercultural couples

To find out more about our work in each of these areas, please click on the links below.

Gender equality


Jewish-Muslim relations

LGBTQI+ rights

Refugee rights


Interfaith and intercultural couples

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