Jewish-Muslim relations

Jewish-Muslim relations

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Muslims and Jews have a lot in common – both theologically and culturally. However, we don’t often come together as much as we should.

With increasing levels of conflict in Israel-Palestine and both antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate on the rise, it’s easy for these two communities to grow (further) apart. However, we know that not only do we have so much in common but that there are some amazing Jewish-Muslim partnerships out there. We refuse to be divided!

Here at Voice of Salam, we’re passionate about showing the world that Muslims and Jews are friends and that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is much more complicated than often portrayed. Within the conflict itself, there is also hope!

We’re actively challenging antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate in all their forms, showing examples of and encouraging Jewish-Muslim engagement and bringing more nuanced perspectives of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the public sphere.

As part of our work in Jewish-Muslim relations, our website also includes specialised language sections of the website in Arabic and Hebrew [forthcoming] to enable us to reach as many people as possible. Join us in spreading a little peace and understanding!

Take action: Join our research on antisemitism

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Voice of Salam is currently working on research focused on antisemitism in the Muslim community.

We’re hoping to share personal experiences and highlight how Jewish and Muslim communities can better work together to combat prejudice and hate and build greater bonds with each other.

To do this, we need your help! We are currently looking to include in the report:

    • Evidence (recent examples) of antisemitism within the (global) Muslim community (from personal experience – both online and offline)
    • Case studies of Muslims who previously have held antisemitic views

If you can help with any of the above, please do get in touch via email at:

Interviews will be conducted either online or offline, at the convenience of the participant. All content will be treated in the strictest confidence and remain anonymous as/if required in the reports.

Find out more:

Voice of Salam is a proud member of the Combat Anti-Semitism coalition, Children of Peace Coalition of Peace, and signatory of the Faith and Belief Forum Charter of Inclusion. 

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