Reviews and testimonials


Here’s some of the great feedback we’re received through our work so far:

Thank you for posting. It really allowed me to have my own voice.

Dr. Amina Wadud, USA

Voice of Salam fills an important niche to bridge different communities and enable dialogue where too little exists.

Qasim Rashid, USA

Voice of Salam is a blogsite that challenges bigotry and which stands up for humanism within religion. It has also challenges Islamist extremism and intolerance where it has found it and is an excellent platform for writers who believe in placing humanism at the heart of faith.

Faith Matters, UK

Voice of Salam is a great platform providing inspirational and impactful articles on human rights and gender equality thus helping people to speak on global issues.


Our world is in dire need of humble and selfless souls for the service of humankind. May God reward you abundantly for all the tireless work that you do for the promotion of peace, justice and harmony.

Bilal Mahmood, True Islam UK

Voice of Salam is a great place for those who want to meet up with others who share the core principles and to make the world a better place, day by day.

Doreen Samuels, UK

I love this page. I love reading the feeds.

Anisa Osbourne, UK

As someone who considers themselves a conservative Muslimah, I love Voice of Salam’s platform because it forces me to get outside of my own bubble and consider things from diverse perspectives, as well as bringing important, often closeted, issues into the public discourse.

Ashley Bounoura, partner at The Dua Journal, USA

Voice of Salam is a blog written by Elizabeth Arif-Fear, who unlike her name is a fearless Muslim focussing on controversial and difficult issues. Even just scrolling through the blog list you will see that she is consistently and regularly addressing themes such as LGBT, intolerance and inter faith. She is not the only Muslim doing this work but is perhaps the only individual writing a series of themed blogs in this way, and also giving space to guest bloggers. Please subscribe.

Julian Bond, UK

Voice of Salam is about promoting peace, building bridges and exposing injustice around the world. The blogs are fearless and push the boundaries in a refreshing manner. The site challenges intolerance and extreme views.

Dr Irfan Malik, UK

Voice of Salam is a much needed blog that gives a platform to minority Muslim voices. It’s a refreshing voice dedicated to human rights and inspiring movements.

Rabia, Director of Media, Engagement and Lobbying, BMSDemocracy, UK

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