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Take a look at Voice of Salam featured in the media and across the charity sector.

The Algemeiner:
Leading British Muslims Launch New Campaign against Antisemitism

‘Barışın Sesi’ olmak için Türkiyeli mültecilerle birlikte (Turkish)

Bored Panda:
30 ‘What Women Don’t Want From Men’ Tweets That Show What Toxic Men Should Stop Doing In 2020

Taylor Swift Plays The Role Of An Entitled Dude For “The Man” Video, And It’s Full Of Easter Eggs

30 Ex-Racists Share What Honestly Changed Their Views

Harvard Grad Explains The Psychology Behind “Not All Men” So Well, Men Are Thanking Her In The Comments For Opening Their Eyes

Family Blames Pregnant Mom With A 12-Hour Job For Not Doing Her ‘Wife Duties,’ Drama Ensues

Church Times:
Generation Y alienated from organised religion, but activist

Combat Anti-Semitism Movement:

Faith and Belief Forum:
Interfaith lessons: What the Jewish community has taught one Muslim convert

There’s a place for faith in Britain today – Let’s not become divided

My faith is not only empowering, but my crucial driving force

Faith Matters:
LGBTQI Muslims: The Unspoken Taboo

Putting the Muslim Bogeyman to bed: The “Ummah” must open its eyes

Allah loves equality – It’s time to stand up as LGBTQI+ allies

The Qur’an grants freedom of religion, so why are ex-Muslims so stigmatised?

Forgotten Feminists:

Globe Post:
More to Palestine than Conflict: It’s Time to Talk About Internal Human Rights

The Other Threat That Both Muslim and Jewish Women Face

Henry Jackson Society:

Holocaust Memorial Day Trust:
75 Memorial Flames Selected for National Exhibition

75 Memorial Flames


Human Rights Careers:
10 Human Rights Blogs Everybody Should Know

The Independent:
The government is hijacking LGBT+ sex education to bolster its counterterrorism strategy – it must stop now

Indian Pluralism Foundation:
Confronting and Combating Rising Antisemitism in the United Kingdom (webinar)

Muslims Combatting antisemitism (webinar)

The Interfaith Observer:
Spontaneous Interfaith Support: Using Social Media

The Jewish Chronicle:
Souped-up Mitzvah Day for Parliamentary candidates at JW3


Women’s Voices as a Key to Peace

Kingston Liberal Synagogue:

Mitzvah Day:
Ramadan in Self-Isolation

Muslimah According to Me:
Guest Post: A Simple Path Made Difficult-Advice for Muslim Sisters

Muslims Against Anti-Semitism:


Standing up to Antisemitism: It’s not always easy, but always necessary

Pittsburgh Tree of Life Anniversary Statement from Muslims Against Antisemitism

Near Neighbours:
Taizé: A lesson in humanity for Christians and Muslims

Parliament Street:
BRIEFING NOTE – Human Rights and the Palestinian Territories

Peace with Penny:
PEACE with Penny Season 2: Penny S Tee (webinar) Interviews Elizabeth Arif Fear, Founder of Voice of Salam

Postcards for Peace:
How can (better) interfaith relations help build a safer, more equal society?

Radicalism of Fools:
“Quite frankly, you have to be brave”

Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel (London):

Sister-hood magazine:
To my future daughter
What if it were you?

St. Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace:
Caring for Calais’ Forgotten: Harnessing the Power of Unity

Susan Farooqi, Esq:
“Misogyny and Lawlessness in Afghanistan: The Women’s Fight for Equal Rights”, Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development, 2018, 32(2)

Syrian American Medical Society:
Voice of Salam – Syrian Medics on the Frontline: An Interview with the Medics under Fire Campaign

Taylor O’Connor:
Five Blogs that Every Peacebuilder Should Know

Young People Insight:
Interview with Elizabeth Arif-Fear: Campaigning for human rights through poetry

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