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  1. Care and humane asylum request.


    my name is Mohammed Ghassan Khatib, a Syrian living in Lebanon because of my circumstances decided to flee to Lebanon I and my family consisting of my wife and kids after we young all kinds of horror and fear and after that I lost my job, my house and everything and I now live in Lebanon for almost four years and we miss my family and I laadni the conditions of life in this country. And after what she heard about you and your services in the humanitarian appeal with all customs and religions and all what is sacred to tsaadenoi I and my family by resorting to your decent to live with dignity and you me thanks and gratitude. Note: I’ll send you all the physiognomy upon.

    phone: 0096171027412                             email:


    1. Assalam aleykum,

      Sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I can’t help with any asylum application as that runs through the government but I recommend you check out local and international NGOs. Please try the following:!contact/c1z0x

      Let me know how you and your family get on inshaAllah.
      Allah be with you. Wassalam


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