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Elizabeth Arif-Fear: Founder and Director


Elizabeth is a young British Muslim and award-winning activist, passionate about protecting human rights, promoting peace and strengthening intercultural/interfaith cohesion.

Her main interests include: women’s rights, refugee and migrant rights and issues surrounding multiculturalism, anti-extremism and community cohesion – in particular, Jewish-Muslim relations.

Committed to human rights activism from a young age, Elizabeth studied languages/translation and human rights at postgraduate level, including some study within Islamic Studies (Feminism in the Muslim World). She converted to Islam whilst in her final year at university.

A dedicated writer and campaigner, Elizabeth works in communications and fundraising in the human rights sector and with a range of organisations and bodies dedicated to protecting human rights, promoting peace, reconciliation and inclusion, strengthening interfaith cohesion and eradicating prejudice, including:

Elizabeth has worked with a range of human rights and development organisations including: Amnesty International UK, Child to Child, Grandmother Project (GMP) and Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) in communications, community organising/campaigning and translation/editing, focussing on a range of issues such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child marriage, freedom of expression, labour rights, forced veiling and child participation.

She has written for a range of organisations/publications including: Globe Post, Haaretz, She Speaks We Hear, Sister-hood magazine and Jewish News. Passionate about languages, Elizabeth has also worked as a volunteer translator/proofreader for non-profit organisations and outlets including Global Voices and Cafe Babel

As a Muslim activist, Elizabeth remains committed to fighting antisemitism and providing a platform for more nuanced views of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Elizabeth is a local Co-Chair for Nisa-Nashim, a trustee for Muslims Against Antisemitism and a member of the steering committee of the UK Friends of the Bereaved Families Forum (FBFF) and member of the outreach committee at Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT). She has been attending London-based synagogues for several years’, with experience volunteering on interfaith and social action projects at a central London synagogue.

In 2019, Elizabeth won the St. Ethelburga’s award for Sacred Activist of the Year and also became a published poet. Her debut poetry collection “What If It Were You?” (2019) focuses on a range of critical human rights issues, including FGM, child marriage, modern slavery and the rights of refugees and was submitted for the 2019 People’s Book Prize (fiction).

Elizabeth was most recently a fellow on the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) 2020 fellowship programme focussed on peace in the age of new media. She is now delighted to be a Fellow on the KAICIID 2022 Fellowship Programme focussed on intercultural and interreligious dialogue.


84343217_535523410390293_2835336120881905664_nRoni Roseberg: Writer

Roni Roseberg is a Jewish-American educator, based in the USA.

She graduated with a BA in Anthropology from UCLA, obtained her Adult Education teaching credential from UC Berkeley, and her MA in Integrative and Holistic Education from California State University, San Bernardino.

Dedicated to building peace through education, Roni has worked as an educator since 1972. With students of all ages, she has taught English as a Second Language to adults from over 70 cultures and countries in colleges and adult schools.

From 1990 to 2000, she was a safety educator and spokesperson for Santa Monica Fire Department.

She taught for Santa Monica College from 2000 to 2004 and the Inland Center for Career Education (formerly San Bernardino Adult School) from 2005 to the present, teaching ESL, and presently, high school subjects in the California State Re-entry Initiative Center for those on parole.

Mary Litchfield: Writer and Video Journalist

Mary is a video journalist with a passion for investigative journalism and human rights.

She has written for a range of publications including, feminist websites the F-Word and Hysteria Collection, Local News and the JFA Human Rights Journal. She has also worked on various current affairs and history documentaries. Her main interests are women’s rights, refugee rights and research into civilian harm in conflict zones. 

Mary has volunteered with a number of organisations including: Action on Armed Violence, Nottingham Student Minds, Greenpeace and the NSPCC.

Her love of history led her to study Archaeology and Classical Civilisation at university and she also manages her own travel and history website

Drawn to people’s stories from around the world – the good and the bad – Mary later went on to study journalism.

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