“Our partnerships are more important than ever”: Meet the Saudi Sheikh standing up against antisemitism

Antisemitism is on the rise and it’s our duty to stand up and speak out against it – whatever our faith.

When it comes to Jewish-Muslim relations though, things aren’t always easy. And this is where one man is leading the way…

Meet Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa, Secretary-General of the Muslim World League and a strong advocate for standing up against antisemitism.

Dr Al-Issa made headlines across the globe in January 2020 when he led a group of 25 Muslim faith leaders on a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial in Poland co-organised with the CEO of the American Jewish Committee, David Harris.

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa (centre) on a visit to Auschwitz with a group of 24 other Muslim faith leaders (January, 2020).

Having already won several awards for his work promoting inter-religious harmony, he was just this week presented with another award by Combat Anti-Semitism and the American Sephardi Federation.

As part of our work tackling antisemitism and building bridges between Jews and Muslims, Voice of Salam is a proud member of the Combat Anti-Semitism coalition. We were therefore delighted to virtually attend their event in honour of Sheikh Al-Issa.

During the event, we were reminded of Sheikh Al-Issa’s global work, before the Doctor himself was presented with this prestigious award for his commitment to fighting antisemitism.

As inspiring as always, his acceptance speech highlighted the need for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to stand up against antisemitism and all forms of hate.

Take a look at his speech in the video below:

Inspirational stuff! We can learn a lot from Sheikh Al-Issa.

Here at Voice of Salam, we stand by his mission of standing up against antisemitism and all forms of hate. Will you?

Thank you Sheikh Al-Issa for your incredible work and thank you Combat Anti-Semitism and the American Sephardi Federation for your continued efforts in fighting hate and bringing Jews and Muslims together.

If you’d like to see the evening’s ceremony, a full video is available here.

Salam, shalom!

Find out more:

Find out more about the Muslim World League via their website.

For more information about Combat Antisemitism, please visit their website.


Feature image: Dom.Ross (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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