Standing up to antisemitism: It’s not always easy, but always necessary

By Muslims Against Antisemitism (MAAS)

Please listen to Elizabeth Arif-Fear’s personal story that will provide you with an insight into the horrors of antisemitism. It’s an emotional, raw account, which as fellow human beings we should all be able to relate to in the spirit of humanity.

We have also included the antisemitic abuse Elizabeth received on Twitter and how people seeing this spoke out in support of her.

Here you see the picture Liz shared on social media to support Holocaust Memorial Day. It’s exactly what we at Muslims Against Antisemitism (MAAS) work to see, as this is just one example of so many which show Muslims showing their solidarity with their Jewish brothers and sisters.


Here we have the wording Liz used with this picture for Twitter. It illustrates a commitment to Jews and Muslims working together against bigotry.


Sadly, Islamists – who do not represent the vast majority of Muslims – seized upon this opportunity and tweet representing the best of humanity to give voice to their poisonous antisemitism. One such person epitomising such behaviour was Ashgar Bukhari, who works for the Islamist group MPAC.


Ashgar was not the only person to abuse Elizabeth online through the language of antisemitism – there were in fact many more. However, during a time of outpouring of hate, some people were however also prepared to #BeLouder and show solidarity with Elizabeth.


Whilst it can be challenging to speak out against antisemitism, at MAAS we are committed to supporting people like Elizabeth to ensure that Muslims and Jews stand together to combat antisemitism. This ensures that those seeking to divide Muslims and Jews will not win.


This article was first published by Muslims Against Antisemitism (MAAS) (23/09/2019).

If you’re Muslim and looking for support in challenging antisemitism, please email MAAS at:

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2 Replies to “Standing up to antisemitism: It’s not always easy, but always necessary”

  1. Hello Elizabeth
    It’s good to hear of your work against antisemitism though I am sorry that you have been attacked for doing so – sadly all too common
    The Church of England has just produced a document setting out our theology in relation to Judaism as a contribution to underpinning our commitment against antisemitism
    Faith communities need I think, to draw on their theological and scriptural traditions to provide sound foundations for the struggle against antisemitism
    In the case of Christianity we have had to address the many centuries of our theological antiJudaism and I believe that our document – ‘God’s Unfailing Word’ it’s called – is at least a good starting point. I was a member of the writing group
    Best wishes


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