Why is interfaith work so important? You tell us why!

Last week was Interfaith Week and across the UK different faith communities came together to celebrate their commonalities and to solidify their commitment to working together. Fantastic – what a great initiative!

As part of this exciting week, Voice of Salam attended the Faith and Belief Forum annual interfaith summit – and had a great time! Whilst we were there we really wanted to hear from people attending what they thought about interfaith – specifically: why do they think interfaith work so important?

Here at Voice of Salam, we of course think it’s vital for building a cohesive, peaceful society. But what did everyone there say? Well here are the answers we received (plus two of our own!). They’re positively inspiring!

So as we carry on in our own circles, towns, cities and communities – let’s reach out to our brothers and sisters of all faiths and none and build crucial bridges! Remember, we’re #StrongerTogether!

Salam, shalom, peace!


Thank you to all the lovely people who shared their photos showcasing the great work they’re doing! Thanks also to the Faith and Belief Forum summit for hosting us and to the attendees for sharing your thoughts!

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