13 Inspiring examples of Jewish-Muslim solidarity

With so much in the media about the Israel-Palestinian conflict and Jews and Muslims “not getting on”, it’s always heartwarming to see moments of friendship, love and solidarity across the divides of conflict, religion and ethnicity.

Now, for some people, these friendships and collaborations may seem entirely normal. For them, whether we’re talking about friendships and relations between Jews and Muslims, Jews and Arabs or Jewish Israelis and Palestinians (Christian or Muslim), it may seem a bit odd to celebrate these friendships. I know, as I’ve witnessed this for myself!

Sure, many of us have friends of other faith backgrounds and not everyone takes “a side” in the conflict. However, we’re not seeing or hearing enough positivty!

For example, did you know that around 21% of Israeli citizens are Arab? Yep!

Did you also know that in both the Muslim and Jewish communities outside of the Middle East, there’s prejudice towards each other (antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate)?

Did you also know that there’s a host of organisations and activists both inside and outside of the Middle East, striving for reconciliation, peace and solidarity?

It’s fantastic stuff. And with the challenges ahead of us, and conflict dominating the media, we need to highlight the positive stories out there, the friendships, the acts of solidarity and the love!

So, with that in mind, here are 13 great examples of Jewish-Muslim – Jewish-Arab solidarity that I’m sure will put a smile on your face!

1. Jewish and Muslim colleagues take a prayer break amidst the coronavirus pandemic

2. A Jewish man listens to the Qur’an 

3. Jewish-Israeli and Muslim-Palestinian brothers stand together

4. A Jewish-Muslim collaboration helps provide Sharia-compliant loans in Canada

5. Jewish and Muslim women come together in sisterhood in the USA 

6. A Palestinian doctor treats patients in Jerusalem

7. Jewish and Muslim women celebrate their spirituality

8. Jewish and Muslim brothers stand in harmony

9. Jewish and Muslim women in the UK march for women’s rights

10. Bereaved Israeli and Palestinian mothers say NO to violence

11. A rabbi and Palestinian farmer celebrate their friendship

12. Jewish and Muslim women from the USA visit Germany and Poland to remember history

13. Jews and Muslims celebrate Pride in London!


Amazing, isn’t it! So, why not be part of the action? We can all help create positive change – no matter where we are!

Take action

Spread the message that peace is possible! Here’s how you can get involved:

Let’s work to spread a message of peace, reconciliation and friendship and say NO antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate!

Salam, shalom, peace!

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