Faith and LGBTQI+ identity are not in opposition: Sharing messages of solidarity

It’s Pride Month and for people belonging to both the LGBT+ and a religious community, this can be a difficult time.

Not everyone has acceptance from their co-religionists, a safe space to worship as an out and proud worshipper or a religious figure in their community that accepts them for who they are – both queer and of faith.

As a queer Muslim, I see absolutely nothing wrong with being both queer and Muslim. My faith and bisexuality are NOT in opposition. If I thought they were, I’d no longer identify as a Muslim – however for many people, leaving Islam comes with its own additional challenges.

As Muslims, with a lack of LGBT+ friendly spaces, queer imams and discourse around the coexistence of faith, gender and sexual diversity in the Muslim world, it can be confusing, lonely and challenging for many Muslims. And we’re not the only ones.

So that’s why it’s critical that both queer spaces are inclusive to people of faith and that faith communities are also inclusive of LGBT+ members.

Solidarity is vitally important, as is sharing the experiences of those who have already been through similar struggles.

So, if you’re struggling as a queer person of faith, check out these messages of support from community members and allies in the video below.

And if you don’t identify as queer, take a look and share in your own communities to spread critical solidarity and awareness!

Remember: you are loved and you count in your communities! Your experiences and views are just as valid as anyone else’s. You are how God made you!

To find out more about the experiences of queer people of faith, click here.

And you’re in need of support, please get in touch with:

No one should be forced to choose between their sexuality/gender and their faith – including you!

The message is clear: love is love, trans rights are human rights and God loves us all!

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