Teaching the power of oneness: 10 Khalil Gibran quotes to inspire seeking justice, unity and forgiveness

The world can often seem like a hostile divided place, especially when we’re witnessing repeated terrorist attacks across the globe.

Just this month, six people were shot dead in Australia in what police have described as the first religiously-motivated attack related to Christian extremist ideology in the country.

This sadly follows on from a deadly terror attack near East Jerusalem earlier this month, where a six-year old boy and a 20-year old man were killed during a car ramming terror attack.

And there’s more… Earlier this month in Austria, four men were also given jail sentences for their part in Islamist terror attack in Vienna back in November 2020 in which four people were shot dead, and a further 23 wounded.

Sadly, these are not rare occurrences. Hate is rising.

And so, when people try to divide us, it’s critical that we come together and declare “no” to hate, time and time again and to commit to building a more united society.

I’ve been recently discovering the work of Lebanese-American writer Khalil Gibran and have been inspired by his message of unity and forgiveness – messages that can inspire us all.

And so I’d like to share with you ten quotes from his work which can motivate and bring hope for us all to build a more just, united and forgiving world.

Take a look!

Beautiful – messages for us all to live by, don’t you think?

If you’ve been inspired by Khalil’s words, share this blog!

Together we are stronger, and by sharing a united message of justice, peace and tolerance, together we can make a better world!

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